Call Me Kitten

When you feel love tenderly,

And want to impress this on me,

Call me kitten.

When you want to stroke my hide,

Or want inside my warm insides,

Call me kitten.

When you want to ease my mood,

Or when I slouch or grouch or brood,

Call me kitten.

When you’ve been rough in word or deed,

Or when you see I am in need,

Call me kitten.

Should you ever break my heart,

On accident, collect its parts and

Call me kitten.



Mother Tree

My mother is human.

She has bent around trauma

like a tree grows around a barbed wire fence,

folding the spikes into its skin.

She has twisted

towards the openings in her world where

she can feel some loving sun on her leaves, and

shriveled where infected with insecurity or abuse.

The result is a living sculpture,

beautiful and mercurial,

formed in love and pain.

If you know which limbs are strong,

you can navigate her arms and nestle against her.

I went away too long I think.

When I returned to climb for comfort

rotted branches betrayed me

so I fell


and broke my heart.


HS 8 – 8 -2016