Hide Me

Hide me in the woods my love.

Tuck me among the trees.

Swaddle me in sticks and ferns.

Batten me with breeze.

Hide me in the woods my dear,

Deep, where no one knows,

Where clocks are angled shadows,

Where no human ever goes.

Hide me in the woods my sweet.

Wrap me in the firs.

Lash me with the briers there.

Fill my hair with burs.

Poison me with ivy.

Drown me in the brook.

Let me give back all I have

For all we ever took.

Hide me in the woods darling and

Don’t come back to look.






Days lay down,

disconnected                           from                       one                    another,

shuffled cards.

No storyline or heroine

here in February.

All meaning less and less.

Don’t know if it’s accumulation –

heavy five month pile –

dense, diminished days, diluted

light, warmth,

leached from my marrow

in time with the sky.


parchment dry,

brittle paper doll,

bloodless because sunless

shriveled spirit,

desiccated sorrow,

Pinch me – I’ll crumble like ash

at last

mental agility evaporates,

no thing matters.

Two weeks passed plodding,

I trudge through existing,

hungover from darkness,

dehydrated, de-luminated,

mind on its withered limbs limps

this marathon interim,

28 days

between snow and spring.

H. Dare