Eurydice, Eurydice,

I felt what felt like love to me.

Thy form, thy shape, I often ape.

Thy shadow hides inside my mind.

Thy words I still hear in my mouth.

Eurydice, Eurydice,

It used to be  I cherished thee.

The lens of time, a prism fine

Bent love into a different shape.

Then I saw thee differently.

Eurydice, Eurydice,

What can I ever think of thee?

I pity thou, thy heart’s real pain!

Out of thy reach I hide to breathe

What air you’ve learned to suck, to steal.

Eurydice, Eurydice,

Thou are no longer thee to me.

Now down and  down and down away

Into a death thou must descend.

I will not sing to nourish thee.

Eurydice, Eurydice,

I loved thee and I hated thee.

The viper, I, made you a shade.

I will not seek you in your cave.

I trust you not, neither myself.

Eurydice, Eurydice

I mourn thee and I mourn for me,

Confused wraith and orphaned snake,

Our  unanticipated roles.

I know not what we  will become,

When I don’t sing thy songs to thee.

HS 11.30.216


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