One Path to Therapy…

She travels to the cupboard and finds no pills to spare.

Upstairs then she would wander and find there naught but stair.

So into then the kitchen for an herbal remedy,

But there again, no tincture that could ever comfort she.

To the apothecary, to the druggist she marched fast.

Could they perhaps procure for her the cure she sought at last?

Oh no! The store was closed and Oh calamity felt near,

For fight the storm she could not do that grew between each ear.

The therapists, she’d heard said, for a dollar or an alm,

Could aid her better in this than what she took from her palm.

Now she is there driven for her mounting mental ills,

As all to be found anywhere are spent bottles of pills.

HS 12.23.2016


Surviving Now

How do we bear it?

The loss of each year and

the weight of those coming?

The tragedy of knowing and

the tight-lipped unknown?

How fragile the peace we hold

moment to moment.

Fence well about it,

this survivable now.

Here in that stronghold,

our breath for a blanket,

is comfort eternal,

the past and the future

held in place and at bay.

One can endure

a most perilous present

if life lived

and not yet lived

are not in the way.

HS 12.22.2016

Call Me Kitten

When you feel love tenderly,

And want to impress this on me,

Call me kitten.

When you want to stroke my hide,

Or want inside my warm insides,

Call me kitten.

When you want to ease my mood,

Or when I slouch or grouch or brood,

Call me kitten.

When you’ve been rough in word or deed,

Or when you see I am in need,

Call me kitten.

Should you ever break my heart,

On accident, collect its parts and

Call me kitten.


Mud Puddles

How am I not to write of you?
Or this?
This mess?
I’m standing in your mud puddle again.
You’ve been stomping in it
My whole life.
You raised me here and
Splattered my white dress.
I never got out those stains.
I outgrew the frock
But I never could discard it.
I tore it up and used it in a quilt
With other outgrown things
And hung it inside on my wall
To remind myself that ruination
Can be remade into beauty.
I will take it down
When I come in from your storm.
If you come inside too
I will use it
Maybe to wrap you in
And certainly
To wipe your dirt
Off my feet.

HS 12.5.2016



Eurydice, Eurydice,

I felt what felt like love to me.

Thy form, thy shape, I often ape.

Thy shadow hides inside my mind.

Thy words I still hear in my mouth.

Eurydice, Eurydice,

It used to be  I cherished thee.

The lens of time, a prism fine

Bent love into a different shape.

Then I saw thee differently.

Eurydice, Eurydice,

What can I ever think of thee?

I pity thou, thy heart’s real pain!

Out of thy reach I hide to breathe

What air you’ve learned to suck, to steal.

Eurydice, Eurydice,

Thou are no longer thee to me.

Now down and  down and down away

Into a death thou must descend.

I will not sing to nourish thee.

Eurydice, Eurydice,

I loved thee and I hated thee.

The viper, I, made you a shade.

I will not seek you in your cave.

I trust you not, neither myself.

Eurydice, Eurydice

I mourn thee and I mourn for me,

Confused wraith and orphaned snake,

Our  unanticipated roles.

I know not what we  will become,

When I don’t sing thy songs to thee.

HS 11.30.216