Depression is physical.

I can’t out-think it.

In a way 

I have to surrender to its presence

without submitting to it.

I must forgive my mind

for its detour from peace

while encouraging it

to be present in its unease.

I must exist without despair

beneath the stone.



I am tender with myself

while I am here

without succumbing to pity.

This is temporary weight.

It is not my fault.

I will love life again and 

sooner if I don’t struggle so 

I am placid. I am patient.

I am unhurried and unworried.

I am gentle and accepting that

I am beneath the stone


HS   10.10.2016


4 thoughts on “BENEATH THE STONE

  1. This was a really beautifully written and honest account that resonated with me. Brilliant piece – I’m not going to check out some more of your work!


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